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Rock’n the knee highs

Rock'n the Knee Hights

Maybe it’s because I’m over forty and I don’t care if the fashionistas are watching, but sporting knee highs for autumn riding is definitely the ticket.  It’s 4:20, and the sun is dipping behind the 10 mile range in Breckenridge, Colorado. The peaks above 10,500 are dusted white. Down at 9600ft we are having an incredible fall with the daytime temps @ 50 -60. The aspens are still vibrant with yellow.  Although our biking days are nearing to an end and the air gets quite chilly when the sun sets, I am still trying to squeak out a couple more rides before the snow line hits town. (Actually it just hit yesterday)

So instead of wearing full length leggings, today I busted out my Bridgedale ski socks.  And whyalla, I was warm and comfy even though the sun was no longer warming my bones.  The socks surprisingly were much more protective and windproof than my bike leggings.  Definitely “Function before fashion” ( they are bright pink socks).  But then again, knee highs are back in style hey.  Try it out. You will Love it.