This is a piece I  wrote for a Patagonia Catalog Field Report a couple years back .  Since its spring skiing time, thought I’d pull it out and share some thoughts from the field. ——- Blindfold circus elephants navigating through crevasse-laden terrain, we piece together our route. Rescue gear dangling as decoration,clanks to the beat […]

Still on a high from the weekend, paradoxically my hands are glued to the steering wheel as I drive over Red Mountain Pass. The Astro Sista( the babes astro van) draws s’es on the rocky pavement as I drive the windy road 15-20 mph. No shoulder for errors. Like tree skiing, keep your eyes looking where you want to go and not where you don’t want to go. In this case it would be more detrimental than an interlude with a tree. The drop off is hundreds of feet. Woo, My heart beats. I use my yogic breath to calm the nerves.