Happy New Year Babes. I wanted to pass on a newsletter from one of our amazing Telemark Instructors.  She has some interesting and thoughtful info to share.

Happy New Year!  This week, many of you will be transitioning back into “normal” routines and the reflections that come up naturally during the holiday season may be discarded with routines taking over your lives once again.  To create more of an internal easy flow as you go back to your respective occupations, you may want to the following approach to 2011.

Try allowing yourself to continue to be reflective in an expansive and positive way.  Consider the following categories of your life.  You may also want to consider pondering some of the below elements to be included in a way you can process them (i.e., journaling, meditation, etc.). Spiritual — Are you feeling connected?  What kinds of things can you do to feel more connected to yourself and all that is around you?  Is there a group of people who are doing things that inspire you toward more spiritual realms?  How can you tap into you at a deeper and more gratifying level? Self Love — How have you been critical of yourself in the past?  Do your emotions weigh you down or offer support?  Look at your triggers and fears and try to get a sense of how real the fears are and why you get triggered in certain ways.  What can you do to create a sense of empowerment in your actions rather than reacting?  Can you make a commitment to yourself to be in gratitude for many things about yourself on a daily basis to begin to shift the critic in you?  Try being in gratitude for even small things throughout the day — gratitude can be a compass to guide your way in a more positive and expansive light! Relationships (family, friends, intimate, community, etc.) — How can you create less of a purpose that serves less of your ego, but rather, one that creates more expansion and/or a more unified sense of partnership(s)? Occupation — What did you bring forth in 2010?  Can you expand those efforts in any way?  What other possibilities can you bring forth for 2011?

Play/Free Time — Are these times spent for your best and highest good?  What can be done to draw more joy, personal expression, or balance to allow for more play/free time into your life?

Home — Is your home offering a place of comfort?  How can it feel like it is nurturing for you?  How can you create a more energetically comforting space in your home for 2011?  Try clearing clutter, Feng Shui methods, and making a sacred space for you to meditate and be in — to create an energetic flow for you to reside in. Physical Health — How does your soul feel in the physical vessel it has chosen?  Our physical beings are truly amazing!  How can you experience your physicality in a more positive way?  How can you create more vitality in your being?  There are endless ways to help you feel comfortable in the skin you’re in.  Try to come up with easy and manageable ways that you can eat healthier, do more exercise, find forms of exercise that seem suitable for you, and align yourself with positive approaches that are sustainable.  You may want to consider attributes that help the process (i.e., achievable, rewarding, measurable, time-based, etc.) and align people, classes, and sources that can help inspire you.  Remember, the healer is you on all levels of health for your being — let the healer in you come forth! Other Life Categories — Don’t let my above list limit you!  Bring forth your own areas of life that could use a little reflection! Finally, by looking at where you’ve been successful in the past, allow yourself to align with where you can expand with ease in each present moment in all areas of your life.  Prioritize those areas where you can move forward in joy.  Release judgment of yourself and others along the way and find the compassion to move forward in a more unified way.  Find the gratitude in all you do and everything else will fall into alignment!Also, the registration deadline for the registration the Level I Huna Kane class at a cost of $175 is January 15th; after, it will be $200.  The class will be held on February 6th, from 9-6 pm.  This is a powerful modality that is not channeling, but rather draws in healing energy for the recipient to connect to for their own healing.  It allows you to step out of the way, but yet facilitate a method that releases stuck energy powerfully and easily! Please see below for more information.

I received the following in an email — they are sort of fun to explore:  visitwww.poweranimalsunleashed.com to get your power animal for 2011 andwww.quado.com for your own personal message of guidance for the coming year.

Thank you for being part of my journey!  Have a blessed 2011!

Anita Boehm
Mountain Sage, Inc.

Please call 303-241-3343 or email:  [email protected] to register/more details

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