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What will I learn in AIARE Level 1 vs. AIARE Level 2?


AIARE Level 1

AIARE Level 2

Role:Contributor to a GroupFacilitator of a Group
Learning Approach:Introduction to a decision making processCoached application of a decision making process
Skills Emphasis:Identify critical hazard factors

Recognize avalanche terrain

Communicate within a group

Assess the present hazard

Evaluate terrain complexity and consequence

Manage risk within a group

Field Application:With the support of a local avalanche bulletinWithout the support of a local avalanche bulletin

Table by John Mackinnon

What’s the New AIARE Level 2 like?

The AIARE Avalanche Level 2 curriculum has changed with the Recreational and Professional Track Split, new in 2017.  Now students will take an

AIARE Level 1 (3-day course)

AIARE Rescue Course (1-day),

AIARE Level 2 (3-day follow up to the level 2)

We think think the new AIARE Level 2 is prefect for the avid recreational backcountry skier who wants to build on the knowledge they learned in the AIARE Level 1 in a practical, applicable way.  A main focus will be understanding terrain and terrain choices to avoid avalanche risk!

What might you learn in an Avalanche Level 2?

At Backcountry Babes, our AIARE Level 2 is filled with women who have an intermediate-to-advanced amount of practice backcountry touring.  Our students take our Level 2 because they want to build their avalanche hazard recognition skills by getting to study 3 days worth of curriculum and material, tour in the field with Backcountry Babes AIARE instructors, ask questions, make terrain choices, and get hands-on guidance from experienced professionals.

Some Common Questions:

Can I ski this? What is the hazard on this slope? Where’s the best location for the uptrack? What’s the best down track? How much risk am I putting me and my group into? Are there human factor traps, terrain trap, or red flags happening here?  We’re out of a local avalanche bulletin zone, or we’re on a mulitday hut trip– what do we know about the snowpack and how can this knowledge inform our choices?

Once you have a foundation of education from your AIARE level 1, some practical experience on personal or guided backcountry tours, and have taken your 1-day AIARE Rescue Course, come join us for an AIARE Level 2!

We currently offer this AIARE Level 2 course annually in Colorado!
Come join the course!