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Backcountry Babes Instructors

Our mission at Backcountry Babes is to provide more opportunities for women to become leaders in the outdoors.  Our clients use their Backcountry Babes course experience to become stronger leaders among their backcountry teams, experienced Backcountry Babes guides gain more trip leading opportunties, and newer guides can tailguide our trips to gain more experience.

If you are an aspiring guide looking to gain more experience, we have Beginner Backcountry Tour tail guiding opportunities, avalanche course instructing opportunities, shadow opportunities and internship opportunities.  We also have lots of office, admin, computer, marketing, social media and event planning type jobs if you are oriented towards the guiding management direction.

Each summer we look for new AIARE Course Instructors & Beginner Backcountry Trip tail guides to bring into our instructor team in November.  As you work for us, we hope you pursue more training and certification and eventually become AIARE Course leaders.   Our week-long ski trips to Japan, Iceland and British Columbia are guided by our experienced AIARE Course Leaders, Canadian Guides and AMGA Ski Guides.   

In order to come as a Backcountry Babes tail guide or Beginner Backcountry Trip instructor, you need experience trip leading in the backcountry, have completed AIARE Level 1 & 2, hold a current Wilderness First Responder certification (OEC ok), and a current CPR certification.  In order to shadow any Backcountry Babes courses you must be enrolled in an AIARE Instructor Course or Pro 1 this season.

For most aspiring instructors, it takes at least 2 winters to become an AIARE course instructor.  Therefore, it’s great to start working on the process this coming winter with the plan to instruct the following winter.  Any experience and courses you gain will help your outdoor guiding leadership goals.  Here’s some more information about becoming a Backcountry Babes AIARE instructor:

If you’re interested in working with Backcountry Babes, please send an email to [email protected]  Tell me a little bit about yourself, your guide qualifications and experience, and where you are in the AIARE instructor process. Please include a resume.  You may need to follow up with me once or twice, as the administrative tasks pile up quickly and sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with a question.

The most ideal time to get in touch about instructing opportunties is July/August because that is when we are scheduling our returning instructors for the season.  The most ideal time to get in touch about shadowing opportunities is late November. The most ideal time to reach out about help with office, admin, computer, marketing, social media and event planning type jobs is October.  Feel free to be in touch at other times of the year, as well.