What will I learn in AIARE Level 1 vs. AIARE Level 2?   AIARE Level 1 AIARE Level 2 Role: Contributor to a Group Facilitator of a Group Learning Approach: Introduction to a decision making process Coached application of a decision making process Skills Emphasis: Identify critical hazard factors Recognize avalanche terrain Communicate within a […]

Coming on a Guided Sun Valley Backcountry Ski Trip? Check out these tips from Crystal Winn, Backcountry Country Babes Trip Leader, Guide and Ski Patroller.    1. Come Prepared: Your guides will take care of your daily itinerary, asses the snowpack, and give you a weather report, but it’s not a bad idea to do […]

Tips for Backcountry Skiing in Japan   1. It’s COLD. It’s a dry cold, but still cold! The weather is more like East coast of the US type of cold. Bring warm clothes and lots of layers! 2. Go backcountry skiing! Bring your skins and touring bindings and get out in the mountains because it’s […]

Special thanks to Backcountry Babes AIARE Level 1 student, Perrin Tourangeau for sharing her awesome piece from her blog PrettyGood4AGirl Two women. Twenty(ish) mountain passes. One hundred miles. And a lot of cheese.* “Sitting up here, I feel immensely proud of what we just did,” Kirstin said as she looked down the valley and pointed to […]

We need more Lead AIARE Avalanche Instructors! A post shared by Backcountry Babes (@backcountrybabes) on Sep 29, 2015 at 6:25pm PDT Backcountry Babes, and all AIARE course providers, need a lead instructor on each AIARE Level 1 & 2 course.  Currently there are more students interested in signing up for courses than lead instructors are […]

What to do when you get your period in the backcountry? When I’m not working for Babes, I lead trips for high school students. Therefore I am often talking with young women about how to deal with getting periods in the backcountry.   Here are some tips and pointers I’ve picked up, read, invented, taught and learned […]

Required and Recommended Continued Professional Development for AIARE Course Instructors Of course it’s not learn it once and call it done.  Avalanche education is a life-long learning process for every individual as she gains more experience leading in avalanche terrain.  Furthermore, avalanche information, research, snow science, case studies, weather forecasting, and more are evolving rapidly. […]

At Backcountry Babes, our mission is to inspire more women into leadership roles in the outdoors.  Many aspiring instructors ask me….how do I become an AIARE instructor? How can I teach AIARE Courses for Backcountry Babes? To answer these questions, I made a flow chart describing a path to becoming an AIARE Course Instructor.  A […]

Beginner Backcountry Ski Tours, AIARE Level 1, Intermediate Tours, AIARE Level 2, AIARE Rescue: A Flow Chart. At Backcountry Babes, our mission is to inspire more women into leadership roles in the outdoors.  Many women ask me..how do I get started backcountry skiing?  When should I take my AIARE Avalanche Level 1 Course?  What comes […]

Dear Backcountry Babes, I miraculously just completed your AIARE Level 1 course on Vail and Loveland Pass with Anne, Janine, and Eryka. I think I would follow those ladies anywhere now after witnessing firsthand their experience, knowledge, and leadership skills. Wowza! Before this class I emailed and asked you ladies about the physical requirements/skinning mileage […]