While the rest of the West is bathing in unseasonably warm, dry weather, this has been one of the coldest, snowiest, windiest, and meanest winters on record for coastal Alaska. In the past week, huge storms dumped enough snow on Cordova to coin the term “Snowpocalypse 2012”, and trigger an official disaster proclamation requiring assistance […]

It has been a dreary year for snow in Colorado. Most ski areas are only 20-30% open, but that did not deter 7 returning and new Backcountry Babes from being smart about the situation. They took the opportunity to learn or improve their telemark technique this past Saturday at Arapahoe Basin. Several of the women […]

Check out the story on our Sisters in the Steeps weekend! Backcountry Babes Rip it up in Silverton! Want to join us at Silverton this year? Register!   Sign up before Feb 14th and you will also be entered to win a Free pair of Scarpa ski boots worth $700!! Thanks to our sponsor SCARPA!

Backcountry Babes puts on its first Women’s specific AIARE Avalanche Level 1 course in Alaska Dec 9-11, 2011. It was a huge success as the first Backcountry Babes course in Alaska! A full class of 15 participants and 4 instructors, it was a fun, enthusiastic, and tough group of backcountry gals from AK that came […]

After 20 years of free heel skiing, I am still working on perfecting my tele technique. The Babes annual instructor refresher clinic was just the ticket to get my feet moving in the right direction

We stopped at a roadside diner to pick up some food for the last 1/2 hr of our trip towards Wolf Creek. As a long time local sang and played his keyboard in the background, a women on O2, cautioned us about the pass. “Its nasty up there” she warned. In unison, the 3 of us replied, “Perfect, that is what we want”.

Hi Babes,
Change is in the air. Snow has now covered my garden and the shovels have gotten their first use.
As the seasons change and we buckle down for winter, there have also been some exiting shifts at Babes.
Yes some big news to announce:

There is a chill in the air.  Frost on my windshield.  The aspens are dropping their leaves. There is snow on the peaks and some ski areas have already opened. Winter is almost here in the high country. I have shifted from summer mode and am busy getting ready for the upcoming season.  That includes […]

This is a piece I  wrote for a Patagonia Catalog Field Report a couple years back .  Since its spring skiing time, thought I’d pull it out and share some thoughts from the field. ——- Blindfold circus elephants navigating through crevasse-laden terrain, we piece together our route. Rescue gear dangling as decoration,clanks to the beat […]

Still on a high from the weekend, paradoxically my hands are glued to the steering wheel as I drive over Red Mountain Pass. The Astro Sista( the babes astro van) draws s’es on the rocky pavement as I drive the windy road 15-20 mph. No shoulder for errors. Like tree skiing, keep your eyes looking where you want to go and not where you don’t want to go. In this case it would be more detrimental than an interlude with a tree. The drop off is hundreds of feet. Woo, My heart beats. I use my yogic breath to calm the nerves.