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Hi Babes,
Change is in the air.  Snow has now covered the garden and the shovels have gotten their first use.  As the seasons change and we buckle down for winter, there also have been some exiting shifts at Babes.
Yes some big news to announce:
Jenna Boisvert has taken over the reigns of Babes.  A seasoned Babe’s Alum, Jenna lives in Anchorage, AK and has strong ties to Colorado and California.  She is an avid outdoors woman, backcountry skier, and passionate about the environment. Jenna follows in Leslie’s footsteps in her strong belief in providing opportunities for women to come together in empowering and inspiring situations to learn to enjoy the outdoors. She plans to keep the established programs in CO, and hopes to expand into more summer sports and other places around the west and AK in the future.

From Leslie — Because you are all like family to me, I wanted to reach out to all the Babes, to let everyone know that it has been a pleasure meeting you and adventuring with you over the past 14 years. You will all remain in my heart and your smiles imprinted in my spirit.  I will still be involved with Babes on some level as a guide/instructor, but have resigned my title as Head Babe and am passing the torch to an amazing woman. Please know that the highlight of running Babes was meeting so many fantastic and unique women.
I hope you will continue to join Jenna for some spectacular events coming in the next several years.  Don’t forget to follow Babes on Facebook and our blog to keep up on all the new and exciting trips that Babes will offer in the next year. And if you are looking for a warm winter get away, just drop into one of my hot yoga classes in Breckenridge at Meta Yoga Studios.
Wishing you a snow filled winter and safe adventures.
Leslie Ross