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Tips for Backcountry Skiing in Japan


1. It’s COLD.

It’s a dry cold, but still cold! The weather is more like East coast of the US type of cold. Bring warm clothes and lots of layers!

2. Go backcountry skiing!

Bring your skins and touring bindings and get out in the mountains because it’s amazing. You can find a lot more challenging terrain in the backcountry outside of the resorts. If you don’t have the skills & knowledge to travel in the backcountry, or you want the inside scoop on where the best skiing is, hire a certified, professional guide.  Join our All Women’s Backcountry Babes Japan Trip!

Photo of Ann_ee_Dee shredding by Kris Bason Photography

3. Try to get up Mt. Yotei.

It’s the biggest volcano on the island and awesome to ski. Since it’s usually in the clouds during the months of January and February there are only a few days where the weather cooperates and is clear enough to do it.

Photo of Mt. Yotei by Kris Bason Photography

4. Must go to onsens!

Onsens are Japanese hot springs. Some are indoors inside hotels and spas, some are natural, rocklined pools outside, some you can ski directly to!

Babes in the Backcountry in Japan circa 2002

5. Must rent a vehicle!!!

It’s a pretty rural island and you’ll be driving quite a bit from place to place so make sure you have a vehicle that will be big enough for all travelers and their gear.

Bonus Tip:

The 7-11’s are your go to spot. They are all over and offer a warm, clean public bathroom, Japanese snacks, candy, and hot food!  The ATMs in the 7-11s are the perfect place to restock on your Yen, as Japan is a very cash-friendly country and credit averse in many cases.

Photo of Ann_ee_Dee and Temple by Kris Bason Photography

Special Thanks to Ann for sharing her top 5 Japan Tips with us!!  Ann is a writer, teacher, skier, and climber-in-the-making who hails from Northern California.  When she’s not in Argentina or Japan, you can find her in June Lake inspiring students to make the most of their lives and use new languages to travel the world. See more of Ann’s adventures at A-Aventurera and Ann_ee_dee Instagram.  Plus Kris Bason Photography.