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dexterity gloves mittens backcountry mittens leather warm DSC_0761HandOut Gloves….a glove with a zipper on the back of your hand so you can pull out your entire hand without taking your gloves off your wrist. I met the folks at HandOut at the Outdoor Retailer Show last year and finally purchased some this season. No, they weren’t free and no, I’m not getting paid to write this. (I wish!) I got the HandOut Mitten, as gloves are usually too cold for me.  Here are things that are totally great about HandOut Gloves:

    1. You don’t have to set your gloves down.  They just dangle from your wrists while you use your hands. It’s great on the lift, in the wind, in lots of powder–you won’t lose your gloves.
    2. The zipper is perfect! Easy to zip and unzip.
    3. You can use the zipper as a vent to let heat out and stop sweating.
    4. You never have to break the seal between your jacket and gloves!
    5. They really are waterproof and the leather is nice.
    6. They are really warm.
    7. They dry really fast because you can unzip and have more air flow through the whole glove.
    8. Awesome for backcountry and frontcountry!


These gloves perform exactly as I expected. It’s great to have total dexterity and less fiddling with gloves!  I’m stoked on them.  Two things we’re waiting to see:

    1.  We’re still waiting on a size small or a women’s cut at this point. I’m 5’10 and have proportional hands, so the men’s size medium is working fine.  If you have smaller hands I’d wait for smaller sizes.
    2. The leather pull tab on the zipper ripped on the 5th use.  No big deal, the zipper is still easy to use without the big pull tab. Either I had a weak piece of leather, or we might see a change in the pull tab in the next generation.
    3. Saw some new synthetic gloves and noeprene gloves from HandOut at Outdoor Retailer. They look awesome and are slightly more affordable than the leather.


Summary?  Yep, the HandOut gloves are my new favorites!!  I love them. Tons of friends just wear regular work gloves with snow seal in the backcountry and somehow stay warm and dexterous in that set up.  However, that never worked for me and I was always futzing with big mittens… I’m excited about this simple, great glove on the market and loving using them daily at the resort and in the backcountry. $129

P.S. Apparently you can see Jeremy Jones using these gloves in his latest films.  Is he getting paid for that? Nope, they’re just great gloves. Am I getting paid to write this review? Nope- just stoked on gloves!


  • Mike Golliher says:

    Do you have light weight ones for hiking
    or backpacking

  • Seahawk says:

    Size large fit like a small. I was disappointed big time. Got a refund, and didn’t even consider buying XL. My consumer faith was lost in the product.

    • bcbabes says:

      Sorry to hear the fit was not good! Glad they gave you a refund. I just bought 3 more pairs for this season… the lightweight neoprene, the pro glove and the pro mitten. I got medium for all and they are true to size in my case, as a 5″10″ woman with good long piano playing fingers they fit just fine. Bummer it didn’t work out in your case, sorry to hear that!