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You know, the dredded line at the supermarket?  Might as well use that time to get some pre season training in.  Even though you have shoes on, this training tip is an excellent way to find a more stable and balanced stance in your ski boots.

Start with your feet.  To begin, rock back and forth and side to side to find a nice balanced stance. Then come to neutral.  Find all four corners off your feet, visualizing the outter and inner edges, the tow side and heal side.  Then come onto the knife edge- the pinky toes sides of your feet.  Lower your toes and keep the arch lifted.

Moving up the body, inwardly spiral your thighs.  Engage your legs pulling the kneecaps up.  Tuck your pelvis (your tailbone) which allows your spine to lengthen. Bring your shoulders up and down your back. Move your head over your ears.  Tuck your chin slightly. Your arms are by your side and move down as your torso grows tall.

Breathe slowly in and out though your nose. Match the length of the inhale with the length of the exhale.  Don’t short change your exhale. You are now standing in Tadasana or mountain pose. The root of all yoga poses.  Finding this stable balanced stance can translate into your skiing and can help you work out sore muscles after a hard day of skiing/riding. Try out Vibram’s Fivefingers to further increase your balance and connection to your feet.

It’s all about the root. So this preseason, spend time training your muscles (the power of muscle memory) to continue to find that neutral balanced place. Try to remember to always come back to your balanced stance when when the going gets tough or you killing time in the check out line (or the voting line).