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Required and Recommended Continued Professional Development for AIARE Course Instructors

Of course it’s not learn it once and call it done.  Avalanche education is a life-long learning process for every individual as she gains more experience leading in avalanche terrain.  Furthermore, avalanche information, research, snow science, case studies, weather forecasting, and more are evolving rapidly.  In order to stay current, the avalanche professional must update her knowledge regularly.

What are the required and recommended continuing education and professional development for AIARE Course Instructors? We’re so glad you asked!
Chart of Continuing Education For Avalanche Instructors

Requirements for maintaining your AIARE Instructor Status:

  • Yearly AIARE Instructor Refresher. This can be done online; and every 2nd year you must attend an in-person training. Update your AIARE teaching materials as they become available.
  • Maintain your AAA and AIARE memberships.

Recommended Continuing Education includes:

  • attending Regional Snow and Avalanche Workshops (SAW) annually.  Often the in-person AIARE Refresher is offered close to these events so you can hit both back-to-back.
  • The International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) occurs every 2 years.  The next one is 2018 Innsbruck, Austria


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