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Still on a high from the weekend, paradoxically my hands are glued to the steering wheel as I drive over Red Mountain Pass. The Astro Sista( the babes’ astro van) draws s’es on the rocky pavement as I drive the windy road 15-20 mph. No shoulder for errors. Like tree skiing, keep your eyes looking where you want to go and not where you don’t want to go. In this case it would be more detrimental than an interlude with a tree.  The drop off is hundreds of feet. Woo, My heart beats.  I use my yogic breath to calm the nerves.

Too bad it’s Sunday and not Friday as the snow seems to be accumulating.  I am on my way home from an amazing weekend in Silverton with Babes in the Backcountry.  Sisters in the Steeps- I think its our 9th Annual event.  We started bringing the Babes down to Silverton before Aaron and Jenny even had the lift in. 25 women joined the Babes for a weekend of steep skiing, ski coaching, socializing, wine tasting and yoga.  The weekend was chock full of laughs and challenging snow conditions.   Spring conditions were in full force.  We would ski the backside- the east side in the morning and then move over to the south and west sides in the afternoon. The skiing definitely got punchy in some areas, but there was still a little bit of cold snow to be found.
Guided By Marya, Alex and Roof, the group was in good hands.  Skiing Ropey 1, Nightmare, Waterfall, Sunset, Cabin, and Riff our thighs were burning from the long runs (4 times the size of Breckenridge for sure).  The 2 person lift- with no safety bar took us oh so slowly to the top from where we either strapped our skis on our backs for a hike or shoved off for some easy access turns.  Silverton is considered a lift accessed backcountry ski area.  It’s rustic and by no means a ski resort.  The Quonset hut- which we deemed the chateaux, was the meeting location for the days activities.  Sign waivers, rent gear, buy lift ticket, use the outhouse, grab a beer or some sundries at the end of the day or just hang outside on the lawn( really the snow). Just be careful getting to it, it almost crampon necessary.
The Babes were required to wear beacons and carry shovels and probes.  We supplied demos to the Sistas could try before they buy.  In the kit were: G3 AT and Tele Skis, Shovels and Probes and BCA- packs, beacons and shovels and probes.  Babes got styled out with a swag bag full of Clif Bar products, Pistil Designs Scarves, Meta Yoga Studios discount Coupons, Mountain Outfitters ski strap( crucial for hiking with your skis on your pack), Bridgedale Socks, Elemental Herbs products – sunscreen, herbal cool and suave and tons of other goodies.  Silverton is a small mining town so everything we did besides skiing was in a one block radius. Wine tasting at Smedley’s, dinner at the the Pickle Barrle, Rum tasting around the corner, CAIC Fundraiser with a Bluegrass band accross the street at the POW- Pride of the west and of course morning yoga at Beautiful Silverton Movement Center.
Back in my van, the wet snow shifts to cold snow as I ascended Monarch Pass on Hwy 50.  As I descend the mountain pass, the skies began to clear.  Smooth Sailing from Salida to Alma. Then winter was back full on as I drive into Breckenridge.  What a crazy April fools.  Spring- Winter- Spring and then Winter.  Yes, Spring in the Rockies means you can get a poo poo platter of all types of weather.   After 6 hours on the road, I arrive at dusk to a foot of fresh new snow at my 19th century cabin. Tomorrow is going to be a powder day. And of course I will have to take my soar legs up to the resort to ski. In true form, there were several of the Sistas out there with me sushing it up- all in style, inspired from the weekend. Check out more beta about Babes in the Backcountry