An excerpt published in Explore Summit, December 2013:   Free Your Heel and the Mind Will Follow: uncovering the enigma of telemark skiing by Aaron H. Bible Glissading down a buttery, powdery slope, grinning ear to ear, dancing their way down the hill and gracefully dropping a knee through the bottom of each turn, telemark […]

Hi Babes,
Change is in the air. Snow has now covered my garden and the shovels have gotten their first use.
As the seasons change and we buckle down for winter, there have also been some exiting shifts at Babes.
Yes some big news to announce:

Still on a high from the weekend, paradoxically my hands are glued to the steering wheel as I drive over Red Mountain Pass. The Astro Sista( the babes astro van) draws s’es on the rocky pavement as I drive the windy road 15-20 mph. No shoulder for errors. Like tree skiing, keep your eyes looking where you want to go and not where you don’t want to go. In this case it would be more detrimental than an interlude with a tree. The drop off is hundreds of feet. Woo, My heart beats. I use my yogic breath to calm the nerves.